Cable rewinding

Cable winders and unwinders for drums and coils, linear measuring meters

Coiling machines
CD series - motorized winders for drums and coils
CD series - drum unwinder
Bob-mat series - Winder for drums and coils
BOB-MAT series - Drum unwinder
AS series - Coil-to-coil
AS series - Drum-to-coil and coil-to-coil
Cut-to-length and cable feeder
Coiler-uncoiler max. Ø 400mm
Coiler-uncoiler Ø700mm max.
Measuring meter for cables and ropes - Accuracy ±1,5%
Cable meter devices - Accuracy ±0,5% IN-HOUSE APPROVED
Cable meter devices - Accuracy ±0,5% - MID-APPROVED
Special machines
Art. CLA-MAT-1
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Art. CLA-MAT-1