SHAFTLESS unwinder for high workloads - Capacity 4000 kg - max. reel Ø 2200mm - CD-22/BM


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Technical info

Pintles to tighten the drum

Personnel safety guards ( CE standards)

Electro-hydraulically operated drum lifting

Mounted on steerable rubber wheels ( 2 fixed and 2 turnable )

Electro-hydraulically operated anchor jacks

380V 3-phases 50 Hz supply ( to be confirmed in the order)

For more technical specs, display the catalogue or the whole technical data sheet
If you have not found any configuration that meets your needs, please fill out the request data form, tell us how you work and we will be pleased to offer you the right equipment for you.

Standard accessories



380V 3-phases supply




Electro-hydraulically operated drum lifting including anchor jacks


Accessories on request

Art. RG-22

Art. RG-22-40

Pair of back wheels for cross displacement.

If you buy the item ER-CA-22-40, you shall choose also this optional extra item.


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Art. ER-CA-22-40

AC electrical motor driven manoeuvring carriage  to displace the machine without drum loaded

Power 0.55 kW

Displacement speed 27m/min

Forward/ reverse gear  

Remark: for cross displacement  you shall order the item RG-22


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Disc brake to monitoring the cable tension

Manually adjustable brake calliper


Art. TC-BA-30
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Art. TC-BA-30

Battery cutter for copper and alu cables
Max cable Ø 32mm
Cutting time 4 sec.
Two speeds
3 kg weight
One 1,5Ah battery 

Alimentazione a batteria per ERCA
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Art. BA-ERCA/24/52

  • Power supply module with battery in DC-Batteries 24V provided with power set suitable for art. ER-CA
  • The machine can be moved without wire connection to the source power. Suggested in case of displacement from one racking row to the another or simply to transport a reel.
  • Work autonomy: 8 hours
  • Charging time: about 8 hours (night time)
  • no maintenance because of dry batteries
  • batteries life: 6-8 years

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