We inform our customers that our offices will be closed from 01.08.2020 to 23.08.2020. The technical teams for urgent maintenance of the equipments will stay available for you

  • Great Payoff (and Winding) for your Business

    Great Payoff (and Winding) for your Business

    Discover your Company's next hi-tech solution...

  • Tesla Tan system


    2 x winding and payoff lines

    Weight capacities 10000 kg and 4000 kg


    We can handle your cable storage needs as far as the eye can see

  • ONNINEN storage facility

    Finland: home to a 1000 lakes and....

    ...LINAP - Weight capacity 10000 kg

  • AUTOMAT300


    High level of automation in cable storage management

  • Live racking

    Customized motorized payoff for cable storage facilities of any kind

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