Italian Excellence:
product of technology and inventiveness Made in Italy.

Everything at Nicoletti is Made in Italy: the design by our technical staff, the production, headed by the modern plant on the outskirts of Padua, ending with the assembly, also made by our team of trusted collaborators, to make sure that everything happens and with the maximum control and total quality.
Before our eyes.
Even the supplies that we use are made by the best Made in Italy: made to our project specifications, are the result of a select group of companies working on a high-tech area.
The Italian excellence and creativity always inspire your realization.

Furl and unfurl,
our and your business

Several applications of our products: think about how many km of cables are in world...


Made in Italy in the world
Nicoletti is partner of many international companies through a large network of distributors throughout the world.


Functional capacity and rationality:
thanks to the quality of our products, Meccanica Nicoletti has earned the respect and the trust of all the distributors of electrical equipment in Italy. See example of our production pictured.