In every town, millions of miles of cable.
Many of these have gone through from our machines.
With speed and reliability for a perfect job from the source.

Think of which cable networks are flowing above and under each city, town or village on the Earth.
Try to imagine how many urban concentrations live in the world. Also realize that they are connected one to another by electric wires, telephone wires and much more.
Now, think about where these cables were before being laid. Finally, there are machines which wrap these coils.
There, most of them are installed with the technology of Nicoletti machines.
Since 1976, we are partners of all companies in the world who distribute and lay cables (among others, REXEL and Sonepar, the two largest distributors of electrical equipment worldwide).
Currently, we export 50% of our production.
Our future "mission" is to bring automation at the highest level, combining high-quality product and service with cost-effectiveness for those who will choose us.


Million of miles of cables
How many cables there may be in a modern metropolis?
Nicoletti may help with his technology...


From a city to another
Every year, millions of cables are laid to connect distant urban centers, especially in areas of strong growth as the Southeast Asia. Nicoletti is also over there...