The guiding principles that we have always lived by here at MECCANICA NICOLETTI srl, and believe are key to fully meeting the expectations of our Customers, are as follows: 

  • Keeping a constant eye on new technologies so that Customers can rest assured they are getting the best product technology has to offer, delivered with the shortest possible turnaround time
  • Engagement of all human resources in designing and improving products and services
  • The importance of having a pool of qualified, reliable suppliers we can count on to meet deadlines and, when needed, act as our partner
  • The need to intercept and deal with Nonconformities promptly, as well as analyse and exploit them to drive improvement
  • Personnel training and refreshers, with a special focus on the following aspects:

-      training on new technologies being applied in our Company

-      promoting widespread understanding of concepts related to Business organization

-      keeping our Company constantly up to date with the latest developments in technology and legislation

  • Compliance with implicit requirements (laws and regulations: focus on occupational safety, environmental respect, and updating software under licence)


Through the application of these Guiding principles, Management aims to achieve the following results:

 (Extract from our Quality Policy dated 30-01-2018)

  • Develop human resources to spur personnel to engage in improvement
  • Establish a relationship based on mutual collaboration and trust with Suppliers of products/services deemed critical to Quality
  • Achieve suitable product and brand positioning in our target market
  • Maintain a high standard of product quality, with a view to achieving Customer satisfaction
  • Rationalize our organization to the greatest possible extent by ensuring seamless collaboration between our in-house human resources (management of equipment and human resources) and those outside the Company (suppliers), thus providing:

- Customers with products they can rely on

- the Company with the means to manufacture products under controlled conditions

  • Optimize and continuously improve the work procedures employed within our Company
  • Keep meeting our high standards of Quality to ensure we maintain our status of qualified supplier to our Customers, and gain certification from the relevant accredited bodies
  • Keep improving our corporate image
  • Continue to set ourselves improvement objectives through regular Reviews of our Quality System
  • Only accept contracts where we are certain we can deliver full compliance with quality requirements based on our know-how and equipment



These objectives are shared by all personnel who - in addition to being committed to ensuring the System is managed properly - provide Management with the impetus to carry out its implementation and continual improvement.