Item no. OE-100


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Coiling head, vers. with removable flange for CD-100.
Cylindrical core during winding  and tapered during removal to make the coil easier to take off.
Core Ø can be adjusted from 320 to 620mm in 50mm increments
Overall dimensions: Ø 1000mm width 500mm
Weight: 40 kg
Coil  Ø max. 950, fixed widths min. 115mm max. 220mm weight 250 kg

NB: coilers can be ordered with different Ø and cores on request.

Technical data sheet

Height (mm) 1000 mm
Width (mm) 500 mm
Length (mm) 1000 mm
Weight (kg) 40 kg
Core - max. diameter (mm) 620 mm
Core - min. diameter (mm) 320 mm
Coils - maximum width (mm) 220 mm
Coil - min. width (mm) 115 mm
Coils - max. diameter (mm) 950 mm
Max. coil weight 250 kg