Item no. RI/16/30 - TIP-UP UNIT - DRUMS MAX. Ø 1600 MM - WEIGHT CAPACITY 3000 KG


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Electro-hydraulic power pack complete with solenoid valves for tipping
Frame construction welded FE37 sheet metal with baked epoxy powder coating
Rotation by means of hydraulic cylinder; approx. drive 4 kW
Tipping cycle 20 seconds
DRUMS: Ø 300-1600mm width=300-1130mm
Weight capacity 3000kg
Operator remote control on lift truck for performing both loading and unloading without getting down from the truck

Machine comes without guards.
Complete with electrical system and factory tested.

Technical data sheet

Machine height (mm) 1800mm
Machine width (mm) 1500mm
Machine length (mm) 3500mm
Width with guards on (mm) 2300mm
Length with guards on (mm) 4400mm
Drums - maximum diameter (mm) 1600mm
Drums - minimum diameter (mm) 300mm
Drums- Max. weight capacity (kg) 3000kg
Total power (kW) 4 KW

Accessories on request

Item no. PR-RI-16-30

Guards for tip-up unit