AVOMAT-16 HIGH PERFORMANCE - More than approx. 150 operations a day on average depending on the payoff





  1. AUTOMATIC TAKE-UP - weight capacity 3000 kg -  drum diameter range Ø600mm to Ø1600mm, drum width range 310mm to 1150mm.
  2. Winding motor power 5.5 kW each 2P 2800 rpm (5.5 kW x 2 = 11 kW)
  3. Machine controlled fully by highly reliable Schneider PLC.
  4. Numerical control of cable layering, the system features two front LASER sensors that make up for lagging during reversing or layering trouble, speeding up or slowing down layering based on whether layering is too slow or too fast.
  5. Electronic encoder-based cable measuring system with counter reading given on control panel display.
  6. Automatic cable diameter measuring
  7. Measuring device with horizontal and vertical cable guide rollers automatic opening and closing, for cable min. Ø5mm max. Ø60mm, tolerance ±0.5%
  8. No-cable and maximum-tension control resulting in machine stop, this feature makes the system 100% reliable and capable of operating unattended.
  9. Programmed ramp-up rate based on cable diameter with automatic maintenance of programmed speed (constant speed), this feature does away with the need to continuously correct speed as the drum core diameter increases during winding.
  10. Automatic grippers with dual motors for driving the drums.
  11. Coiling head built into arm, with manual cable attachment, collapsible coiling head with manual opening of coil-retaining spokes, Ø1000mm width 90 to 200mm internal core 320mm fixed (option of 520mm fixed)
  12. Automatic drum data settings
  13. Floor mounting brackets (option of wheels)
  14. Winding head for spools min. Ø100mm max. Ø500mm
  15. PLC predisposition for system interface management with your CED
  16. Hardware installed ready for remote servicing
  17. Portable battery-powered nail gun for nails L=50mm

Technical data sheet

Machine height (mm) 1700 mm
Machine width (mm) 2500 mm
Machine length (mm) 2900 mm
Drums- Max. weight capacity (kg) 3000 kg
Total power (kW) 13 KW
Power usage (kW) 11 KW
Min./max. rpm (rpm at drum) 0-240
Speed max. (m/min) 0-500 m/min
Max. winding torque (N/m) 890 Nm
Size tolerance (±%) ±0,5 %
Winder - Max. drum diameter (mm) 1600 mm
Winder - Max. drum width (mm) 1204 mm
Winder - Min. drum diameter (mm) 100 mm
Winder - Min. drum diameter (mm) 300 mm
Coiling head on arm - Max. coil diameter (mm) 890 mm
Coiling head on arm - Max. core diameter (mm) 520 mm
Coiling head on arm - Min. core diameter (mm) 320 mm
Coiling head on arm - Max. coil width (mm) 200 mm
Coiling head on arm - Min. coil width (mm) 90 mm

Accessories included

Item no. PZA300-15/80-S-AUT

Automatic grippers for payoff

Item no. OA/10Q60/OM

Measuring meter TYPE APPROVED

Item no. MA-AVOM

Automatic cable diameter measuring

Item no. STRAT-LASER-16

Automatic layering device with LASER control

Item no. PLC-CD-AVOM

Personal computer for industrial applications

Item no. TC-1-60

Shears for cables max. Ø 60 mm

Item no. OE-15-B-R-10-INC

Coiling head built into arm


Accessories on request

Item no. VSFC0011/AVOMAT - Torque control

Torque control

Item no. TELEA-ET

Remote support via Ethernet